As promised...

Here are pictures of us all dressed up as Batman characters! We love to go as a foursome with the Flemings and honestly we did not put much thought or effort into it this year. But, I think we looked pretty good and we had a pretty good time to boot.




And if you recall...
this is a little flashback from last year:


Are you all dressing up this season for a party or for trick or treating? What are you going to be??

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Leslie Ashe said...

YOU guys look SO GREAT!!!!!!!!
I love that look on your face..tee hee!!! :) What a FUN thing to do!!
We're not dressing up :) We'll be travelling to San Antonio for Savannah's band competition so partyin's out for us! :)

HUGS Lori!

Amy said...

OMGOSH you all look GREAT!!!

KimmyS said...

OMg Gosh those pictures are so fun!!!

Marie said...

Ya'll look great. I think you put more than just a little effort into those looks.

As for my Halloween costume... I have a party on the 30th so you'll have to check my blog after that for photos. (shameless tease)

Sasha said...

GOODNESS GRACIOUS .. girl .. that is the CUTEST and FUNNIEST pic I have seen .. and I loved it .. oh my goodness .. lol.. I need to hang .. I soooo need to hang ..

LOL .. you got me beat Ima be all simple next Friday LOL .. well heck you will see when I do my video..

DonnaBD said...

OH! You guys look wicked awesome!!! How fun!!

I'll be trick or treating with the two little ones.....STILL haven't come up with a costume.

Audrey Pettit said...

OMG!! You guys are too funny!