For Stacey!

So, my friend Stacey and I were having a conversation recently about how I used to be a crazy mad mountain bike racer in my single days in So Cal. She looked at me like, "yeah, right. You got pictures?" LOL! Well, yes, my dear friend, I do!




Man, I had ABS back then!! I gotta get to the gym and soon!

I am having a Pampered Chef party tonight. I love all of the cute PINK products they have in May to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. The consultant is totally fun so I'm looking forward to it. If you want to order anything, email me. I used to sell Pampered Chef back, gosh, eight years ago. I was really good at it! It was fun and I got to meet lots of people but I quit so I could have more time for SCRAPBOOKING!

Happy Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

DAMN GINA! You were smokin hot! How old were you there? I still love your smile it's so contagious always makes me smile!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope your party goes well tonight.

Jann said...

Damn Girlfriend!
You WERE hot...but then again...you still are darlink.
LOVE the spandex...beautiful color.....:o)Hope your par-tay is fun tonight.
Huggers from...OMG we actually have sun....land...LOL

Kate O'Brien said...

wow! you look way hot! love the photos.

hope your party is a success!

Stacey said...

Hey I commented on this yesterday...What happened??? Darn blogger. :)

How stuff!!! But I think you're just as hot now! Kisses.


Michelle ~ ~ said...

forget the abs sweet girlfriend! I want your hair!!! too cute. gotta love the 80's!! and BTW, when you said bikerbabe ~ I was thinking motorcycles and then I saw the pic of the bicycles!! you are/were a bikerbabe!! oh how fun memorylane is!! I vote for more parties and your house more often. Natalie agrees with me too, check out her blog!!

Kat said...

Holy Sexy Kitten! Love you in spandex GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!