Wedding bells...

were ringing on Maui for my beautiful friend Shirryn and her new husband Brian on May 1st! Congratulations to the happy couple. I made this canvas and this layout for them as a little wedding gift.



Their pictures turned out so beautiful and I'm inspired to scrap every one of them if I can only find the time!

Hope all of my mom friends had a beautiful weekend.

Happy Monday!

Hugs to you,
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Anonymous said...

I've stared at these two all day and still can't decide which one is my fave!

Wyatt is over (he's Kristy's son and Sarah's classmate) he always "reports" on Sarah to me in exchange for some cream soda! lol
He said that today the class received the American Flag with its official Presidential certificate that Jason had flown for them on a mission. How cool is that.

It was so crazy Jason called tonight and when we were hanging up he told me, "I love you and I'll see you in 5 days" it sent chills down my spine. I made it Lori I survived!

Ok back to watching PS i love you. I'll send you my official report on it later.


Jann said...

First of all....Missy D. I am so thrilled that you only have 5 days left. How cool is that.
Second of all my talented friend.....these pages are AWESOME! I love them both!!!
Happy Tuesday darlink...miss you much.

Michelle ~ ~ said...

I love the canvas. What size is it? And the butterfly speaks to me ... and yes, I hear voices too! love it, love it .. love it!!! Is your telephone broken? I haven't got a lovely call from you in a bit?! Just askin'