Just for the record...

I got an email from Tracy today who is the person I was arranging my class with for ICE. She has always been super nice to me. She had no idea about the issues I had with the speaker or instructor I wrote about in yesterday's post. I by no means meant to bash the event at all. I was just venting about why I no longer wanted to teach or attend. I feel badly that because of the things I said, people have backed out. I just do not feel comfortable attending because of the personal issues. I apologized to Tracy and told her I hope that her event is a big success.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori - in no way did I take it that you were bashing ICE and neither was I in my comment. I think that the point is that the person that has chosen to speak at the event has lost a lot of respect in the scrappin community and others don't want to hear her or see her and listen to the lies and deception that several have been at the end of. That has nothing to do with the event itself, only the speaker. Also Candance's class at ICE is not the issue either. It is the class at PC and the lack of integrity when trying to pass off others ideas as your own - this again is not a reflection of ICE.

To the girls that are putting ICE on, I hope that you have success and I can't imagine the hours that you have put into to it. For those of us who can't afford to pay for the whole weekend and join I do wish you the best.

Lori you have done nothing wrong except for asking to give credit where credit is due - there is no shame in that.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...

We all know you and we all know that you would never ever do that.
To Gina....thank you for your comment....but you are so right about the "speaker"...as there are many that do not wish to hear her or be a part of anything that she is in. Maybe they will find that having her there is not going to be such a good thing.
I hope ICE goes well for those that have spent countless hours organizing it as well.
Judy Bean

Meghan McD said...


I think you were right to post your feelings and thoughts on the blog. You did not say one negative thing about the ICE event.

You have promoted ICE and had the link on your blog for quite some time. I did not take your comments as anything against ICE...just voicing the disappointment about the two individuals that were participating and not wanting to be involved with those women for any reason. I commend your stance about that and think you are right to stand up for what you believe in. Some many times we just let things like this pass, trying not to rock the boat. And that means the folks that were unethical keep doing what they are doing. They believe it is ok.

I am sure ICE will be a success (too expensive for my cheap self) and perhaps this discussion of ethics in scrapbooking will bring to light what the art should truly be about.

Thank you for taking the high road.


Meghan McD