give it away...

give it away, give it away. you can't take it with you where you're going anyway. These are lyrics from a song from my all time favorite band Train. The song is called For Me, It's You. One of my faves. I love to give stuff away, especially stuff that I create. But, only to people who fall at my feet and worship my talents, Just kidding! (Or those who support my favorite charities) Back in April it was Autism Awareness Month and I said that I would pick a person at random of all who donated on my badge for Autism Speaks and create a custom photo pillow for them. Well, I only had one person donate so I got to make a pillow for one of my dearest friends, Stacey, my sister from another mister (and her daddy, Mike is so cool!). Don't tell Stacey but I was going to make this for her anyway!! It is a beautiful picture of her and her two lovely sisters. I hope she will cherish it.

I also made one for one of my other little sisters (I have lots!) Denise. She helped me raise a boatload of money for Autism Speaks for our walk last November. I am so proud of her!

Here are the pillows I made for them:



I have been getting lots of orders lately for these custom pillows. Thankfully right now I am all caught up so I'm going to do some scrappy stuff this weekend.

Speaking of scrappy stuff...

I am going to send a nice box of scrappy stuff to Kathy and Ester for taking part in my scraplift challenge! Send me your addresses ladies (lorirenn@msn.com) and I will get your goodies in the mail. Thank you for your kind words.

Okay, now I'm off to get all of these crazy ideas out of my head and on to some paper!

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Staci said...

Those pillows are gorgeous, Lori! I wish I could sew!!

Norma Kennedy said...

O.k. my jaw just hit the floor- UR pillows are GORGEOUS- What a work of ART !!!!!!!


Danielle said...

These are truly gorgeous!!! I made one of these once for my mother-in-law when we were living far away from her and just had a baby. I took a photo of my hubby and the baby together and turned it black and white, did lace around the edges, sort of a vintage look...she loved it! These are such great ideas for gifts!

Anonymous said...

Lori those are so beautiful! your talent never ceases (sp?) to amaze me!


Anonymous said...

I really love my pillow for OBVIOUS BLING like reasons but Stacy's pillow is so precious. Great choice of fabrics to compliment the picture (nice stitching) and perfect quote to tie it all together.

Thank you sweetie! And for all of Lori's fan's out there she isn't kidding when she says she loves to give stuff she's created away my home is a mini-museum of LORI RENN ORIGINAL works of art!


P.S. Jason should be boarding his plane anytime now!!!

Dena said...

Wow Lori those are beautiful! Any suggestions on a model of machine I should get? I am in the market to get one this week :)

TheShermanFam said...

Ok, I'm with the other ladies here...the pillows are STUNNING!!! I've never seen them and I am just totally lovin' em! Beautiful work, Lori!!!!! ;)


Renee said...

um...holy hell girl. how do you DO that? those are freakin' amazing pillows. I think I have to mop up my drool now. Seriously you should open an etsy or sell on ebay or SOMETHING. Market them bad boys. You can make some serious dough doing that girl! There is some talent and I haven't seen pillows like that done before. wow - renee lamb

Amy W. said...

those pillows are awsome! i've enjoyed reading your blog. :)

Danielle said...

Holy moly, those pillows are GORGEOUS!!!!! I can see why people want them!!!! :)

Leslie Ashe said...

OH MY GOSH LORI! Your pillows are AMAZING! I have looked and looked and looked..I'm in AWE of your talent! :)
I too wish I was a sewer...wow!

Hope you have a lovely week!
Leslie Ashe

Raechelle said...

these are gorgeous!!! You are so talented!!!
Rae :)