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Yeah, I know this is a total let down after the electric blue spandex I showed you this morning but I had to share some of the new T-Shirts I found at Wally-World for Nate. Perfect.




The Pampered Chef party tonight was fun. Michelle entertained all with her antics as usual. I am feeling pretty damn good after a couple of watermelon martinis. Totally foo foo but yummy!

I just watched American Idol that I had recorded. I had to watch the Red Sox Report first (they won, yeah!) There's something about Davids lately. Love that David Cook and I so love that David Ortiz (BIG PAPI). They are winners in my book.

Nite Y'all!
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Natalie said...

Those shirts are SO CUTE!

American Idol...OMG, Jason Castro! Ek!!!

Last night was great, thanks for inviting me...and your room, I am looking around my room here and thinking how dull it looks! Your room is SO COZY and warm! We will hook up SOON and ink a day to get together!!!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

what the hell was in those watermelony martini's? I felt like I'd drank 10 of them ... and I believe I only had um, let's see, counting maybe 3!!??!!! anywho, I love the shirts. Besides, woman it is YOUR CHILDRENS job to run you ragged, take you money, love you to death ~ all in the name of love!!! hey, if you get an invite from Natalie ... I'll tag along and crash the inking!! with you guys.