Off the ICE

I have been planning to attend and to teach at an upcoming event in Boise for several months now. Tonight I got an email newsletter from the event about their "Speaker" and it happens to be Melody Ross. Oh JoY! I don't usually use this blog as a channel to bitch and moan but I have a serious issue with people who lack integrity. Not too long ago, Melody disassembled an album I created for Chatterbox only to reassemble it for a video tutorial on their website, totally passing it off as her own design. Also, one of the instructors for this event, Candace from Paper Cottage, just taught this little mini album class that was a complete rip off of a class I used to teach at Cut N Paste. Hey, I'm flattered if anybody wants to copy any of my designs, really I am. Go for it. Just don't try to pass them off as your own, let alone try to profit from them! If I lacked the creativity to come up with my own ideas and had to steal others to make myself look "creative", I would call it a day and not do this! Come on now, I know there is no copyright on these designs but does anybody know the definition of integrity??

Pronunciation: \in-ˈte-grə-tē\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English integrite, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French integrité, from Latin integritat-, integritas, from integr-, integer entire
Date: 14th century
1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility
2 : an unimpaired condition : soundness
3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided : completeness
synonyms see honesty

I walked into Paper Cottage one day and looked at the samples for this Baby Onesie Class. The only thing that was changed was the patterned paper. Everything else was done the same, everything. I emailed the owners of the store to let them know that I thought it was wrong and they said that this was this person's original idea and that they hoped they would not lose me as a customer. LMAO!

Here are pictures of my albums and then pictures of the rip offs. I'm not trying to be a total drama queen about this. I just think it needs to be said


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Needless to say, I will not be teaching at or attending the ICE event.
Enough said. Well, also I'm pissed that the Red Sox lost tonight.
Enough said.
Good night.
Who got kicked off American Idol?
Didn't watch.
Please tell.


darcie said...

Jason Castro is gone! Hope that makes your day a little better?!

LoRi said...

LOL! Thanks, Darcie. That is cool.

Norma Kennedy said...

Oh Lori I am sooooo Sorry- That must Stink !!!! I dont know since I have never been placed in a situation like that. Sending you some (((Hugs)))


Stacey said...

Melody Ross speaking is a joke. Actually kinda made me laugh a little.

If you wanna come over I'll steal your ideas...and you can make me dinner again. :) Damn scrapbooking world...petty.petty.petty. You're way better than that. Keep on keeping on home slice.

Jann said...

My feelings and your about MR are the same. What a crock! I'm like you....if someone wants to copy my designs.....its flattery...but I hate it when people passit off as thier own. I knew about the MR video and I think that STINKS! Think of how many others she has dome the same thing to. I know of three that she has. I think at least she could have asked...but then again...look who your dealing with. I use to admire the woman long, long ago. I sure as heck have changed my mind. Scrapping is to be fun and a social time for us all. I treasure the good people that I have scrapped with and thank God that everyone of them are great and good friends. I am sorry for your designs being "used" in the face of "their" designs. You are the bigger person my dear friend....remember that.
I', backing out as well and so will my friends be.
Hugs dear one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori - I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I think that it is crap. I have also e-mailed PC to let them know that the idea of hers is not original and that even though we are allowed to scaplift others ideas we should not be turning around and using them as our ideas and gaining a profit on them. When I saw the onesie in there I was glad you were teaching a class again - however reading the fine print it was NOT you :( I hope that PC will come to their senses and remove the class from their scheulde. I know perhaps it does not solve the entire issue but at least they can attempt to rectify the situation and perhaps screen their classes a little more. I have noticed that some of the instructors are also copying a prior instructors style rather than attempting to be unique in their own way.

I was hoping to see you and Kelly at ICE Escape but not sure if I will go now or not. People that have no integrity and act like something they are not as not very much fun to be around.

Hope you have a good day and now that I am rambling I will sign off :)

Talk to you soon,

meghan mcd said...


I too thought you were teaching again at paper cottage and then noticed it was not you. I said to the gal behind the counter that this was a copy of class I took at Paper Cottage. She looked puzzled. This is scrapbooking and credit should be given to where credit is due. I am also an elementary teacher and am often asked...where did you get that idea and I always give the teacher that loaned me the idea the credit...so important. we learn from each other and there is no shame in saying, I got this idea from this fabulous person. It does indeed show RESPECT AND HONESTY. I will e-mail paper cottage on this too. I think the more folks that say something, the better. As far as MR is concerned, when I heard about how she ripped you off...I have not bought another CB product again. She was WRONG to do that. I am sorry to hear that she is the featured speaker. I am glad I am not going. I do hope that you have the opportunity to teach again...you have a gift for design and inspiration. Come back to teaching soon...

Meghan McDoangh

Corinna said...


Yeah. Melody Ross... is... ummm... perhaps I shouldn't get started here on that topic. Let's just say... she is something else.
Good for you to pull out. They are losing a good designer. Now just find something super fun to do that weekend instead!

As for the baby book... I saw that and actually it was the first thing I thought when I saw it... In fact... I looked to see if you were teaching it.

Shanna said...








That's what I'd be. You have every right to bitch about this and then some. Dang girl so sorry that happened to you. The scrapping world has gone mad I swear!!!

I say scrap your azz off tonight or retail therapy is good. LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't know you but I LOVE you comment!
I am also writing to PC. When I walked in there I thought Lori Renn was teaching that class as well. The owner of PC is really a poop and I have seen her rip her employees for little things right in front of people.
What a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive!
Lori, I hope they all miss you at Ice. I am pulling out and so are my two friends.
Judy Bean

Renee said...

Lame BIOTCH!! is what'd I'd be screaming right now! how stinkin' lame Lori that they straight out copy you like that!! I'd be pissed too girl! you ain't bitcin' and moaning about raggin' things...this is obviously an integrity issue like you said. what a shame isn't it??? hugs girl and go kick some ass! renee lamb

Anabelle said...

What a mess!!! So sorry this is happening to you. I do have to say that your album is waaaay cuter than the rip off. They will get their's....what goes around comes around...

Michelle ~ ~ said...

girl .... I tell you what!! I do know several ladies that pulled out of ICE today b/c I shared the story. I am telling you .... what goes around .. comes around and bites ya in da butt!! May their butts be chewed. Wait, that's why I'm here for!! I'll defend ya girlfriend!! how terribly awful. and how courageous of YOU to stand up and be the bigger woman! I love ya, girly girl!!

Sara said...

Lori - I totally support you. It makes me so angry when bad things happen to good people! You are such a creative genius! I really meant it yesterday when I said you and I should host a crop! We would kick butt! Smooches girl!

kelly said...

I've already e-mailed you y thoughts, but you know, I know, and so many others knows how creative your heart abd soul are. Just keep depositing in your karma account. Look at all the love and support you have. I am e-mailing PC myself. I believe I may have been present in your scrap studio with you when you were brain-storming the whole idea. I am a number 1 witness to the birth of the original onsie. So there PC and Candace. They both need an old fashion Oklahoma Ass Whoop!

Heather said...

First of all I want to say I am so sorry that others have done such things to you Lori.

I must say I am a little shocked at the outlasting against ICE for what other people have done to you. ICE had NOTHING to do with Candice or Melody Ross 'ripping you off".

Candice is a teacher, representing Paper Cottage which is a sponsor of ICE. This arrangement was set up long before Paper Cottage featured the onesie class at their store. I too was quite shocked when I saw it displayed. And I agree it wasn’t right. Although I have not been the one directly working with you on your classes at ICE, I was under the impression that everything had been worked out and you were going to be teaching a new and awesome class.

As for Melody Ross, I’m at a loss for words. After reading what she has done to you I can understand you being upset. However; how were we (ICE) to know about it. Melody along with several other scrappin celebrities were invited to come to ICE. Melody accepted. I did not know of anything between you & her. And really how am I to know every little thing going on in the scrapping world?

I am sorry, we are just scrappers just like you. We wanted to bring something great and fun and huge to the Treasure Valley. Something that we all as scrappers have been waiting for YEARS to come to Idaho. I can tell you I have spent 60+ hours a week for months planning & creating this event . I have put my very heart and soul into ICE, and It saddens me very much to be bashed for something we never did. I’m sorry that you didn’t come to us first to discuss your thoughts and feelings, I’m sorry that so many are choosing to “pull out” because of a wrong that someone else caused you.

Anyhow I wanted to set the record straight. ICE is not the one to blame.

With a very heavy heart, best regards
Heather Hillman

Sarah said...

I can see how you feel this my have been copied however a onesie only comes in one shape. Albums created from cardboard are all the go right now. In this world we live in all things are created from and idea - from an idea - from an idea. I have taught scrapbook classes and I have seen many things recreated not with intention to claim as ones own but to share a technique or simply an idea. I am sadden to see you are attacking someone that loves the industry as much as you, someone that just wants to help others be creative too!

Marci Knecht said...

I remember that whole chatterbox incident and I can't believe that she still hasn't righted that wrong. I've boycotted Chatterbox for the past year because of that and I will continue to do so as long as she's around.