snowball war!

I've been trying for a few weeks now to figure out how to put these cool digital frames on my photos and I am so happy to announce that I have finally figured it out! I downloaded some cool digi stuff from 2peas and played around enough to make it work. What do you think? I got some shots of Kirk and Nick having a snowball WAR in our cul de sac yesterday!

Oh, and by the way, I got carded only 2 days before my fortieth birthday today, buying a bottle of wine! Yippee! I refuse to listen to my son Joe who says they are just cracking down hard on the alcohol laws and carding "old" people! Phffff, yeah right! It's my extra pounds that plump out my wrinkles, now don't you think?
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Corinna said...

You go girl! That is awesome and super exciting!!! I knew you could do it. Now you have the digi bug. LOL