a little saturday eye candy for ya!

So excited about the Patriots game tonight! I thought I'd share some photos of the (in my opinion) sexiest, most babe-alicious (I watched Wayne's World the other day) man ALIVE! Not only is he all that and a bag of chips but the man is also the best QB evah!!!! Right Brin?

Go Patriots!
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Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I really thought you got K drunk and he was all posing for you but this guy comes in a close second! Why doesn't he ever look this HOT when he's walking the streets with his girlfriend!?!!?

Good way to start my crazy Saturday. Alo LOVE the girl power video. That round kick to the head that girl gave was cracking me up! Might have to try that on my Arch nemeses!!! LMAO

Happy Saturday to you my friend


Corinna said...

One word.


ok, two words. LOL.

Brin said...

Haha- I still think he needs to get his ass sacked... but I have to admit, I may like New England more than Jacksonville.... maybe.

And GOOD LORD- he's gorgeous. Lots better looking than when he's prancing around the field. ;) HAHA!

Love ya! -Brin

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE Tom Brady....almost as much as I love looking at your awesome layouts!

Anonymous said...

LOL Lori.....
GREAT eye candy....look closer Brindon.......LOL he is a Q-tee!!!!!
Have a great week my friend....and the layouts are GREAT!