Well, the Pats are still perfect at 17-0! They started off rough but ended up brilliant last night. Loved the little fake out play by Tom Brady. Maroney, Harrison, Bruschi and Seau also played unbelievably well! Next week they will play in the AFC Championship against either the Colts or San Diego. I'm so pushing for San Diego. I am NOT a Peyton (my Mom would be loving this blog post!) fan and I don't want to see him next week. I have to see him enough in all of the stupid commercials he does. Go Chargers!

Kirk and Joe are hitting the slopes today. I'm going to set up some creative projects for me, Nick and Nate to do while the football games are on.

I'm rooting for the Cowboys over the Giants in the NFC. Can't root for a Manning! And what's not to love about Tony Romo?

Anyone else out there LOVING football at playoff time??
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Anonymous said...

Loving the playoffs and how it makes a "free day" to watch TV and scrap. But I do disagree with you on one thing..... as much as I LOVE TB I am also a Peyton fan. And who says you can not like a team because of cute players? :)

kelly said...

dear bfffff...
Yes, Tom Brady is cute. Personality too! Peyton Manning is hilarious! Have you not seen him on SNL. He does a great job!
Here is my real comment...How in the #@%! can you talk about football, QB's and play-offs and not mention the PACKERS. Bret Favre takes the cake baby!!!!....
Oh, Yeah!