It's only been two months since baseball season ended. Seems like years! Three more months to go. Can't wait. I asked Kirk if we could go to Fort Meyers, Florida to watch the Red Sox in Spring Training. He said I had obviously mistaken him for someone with a job! Speaking of that...

I love the snow. Really I do. But if it doesn't stop snowing, I'll never get him off the slopes and into job hunting mode! UGH! :0) It is such a double edged sword. When he is back into workaholic mode, I'll wish he was around more to help with the kids!

Fifteen more days til my 4oth birthday (maybe the countdown will get me geared up for it!) When I turned 39 I said I was going to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday. Didn't happen. Think I can do it in 15 days? C'mon, I went to the gym yesterday! Had to get the map out to find it, LOL. I hadn't been in almost a month! I'll just keep on keepin' on. See what happens. Maybe 41 by 41??

Happy Wednesday (anti-procrastination day!)
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Corinna said...

Ah yes... the big 40!
I hit that this last year.
Good times!

Good luck with the job hunt.