life comes at you fast...

Being a mom of a teen, a tween and a pre-schooler, I can totally relate to the "life comes at you fast" commercials on TV. I look at pictures of my oldest son Joe and see the shadow of a mustache on his upper lip. Seems like just yesterday I was taking cute pictures of him and his baby brother in the tub!

Nate was playing in the tub yesterday and he was just so happy. He loves the bath. He swims around like a little fish. I figured I better take a couple of pictures before he gets too old for it!

All three kids went back to school this morning and the house is so quiet. I'm enjoying the silence and watching the snow fall like crazy outside, covering everything. It looks so pretty.

Happy Monday!
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Anonymous said...

Could those eyes be any more "bal-oo"...what a cutie pie.....and a "haired stache" coming in...good grief....I can't believe it!
Those that are little....grow swiftly passing childhood to young adulthood....it is what we hold on to....that warm our hearts in the memories that we make and cherish....and put to paper....:o)
Huggers to ya girlfren,

Anonymous said...

You put my fave Natey pictures up!!! Sucha cutie he is. Wishing I was enjoying the silence with you this morning. But I'm sure if I was there we would have been laughing and yacking it up so, so much for the silence!


Corinna said...

ok, this child has the some of the bluest eyes I have ever seen.

Simply gorgeous! In a boy kind of way (wink)

Anonymous said...

what beautiful blues! agree w/u on the brady deal, beckham, brady, both wicked babes, hee