My oldest son (formerly known as JOEY and gets ticked if you call him that, LOL!). I can't believe how much he has grown and matured in the last year. He is such a big help with Nate. I am so grateful for him. He loves to talk late at night about all kinds of things. Last night I got home late from my friend Stacey's house (he was still awake of course, typical teenager!) and I told him how I played Rock Band with Stacey and Tom. He was so impressed. I can't say I actually "played" I just sang very badly. Someday I will totally rock the drums and guitar like Stacey and Tom do! Joe is DYING to hang out at Stacey's house. As a matter of fact he wants to live there!

Normally at this age, you can't get teens to talk but I am so glad we are close. I know we are harder on him because he is the oldest. I'm trying to be better with that!

He is having a "guy" night tonight. He has invited his friends over to play poker (just chips, no money) and Guitar Hero. I'm so glad he has made some great friends in his new school this year. His grades are unbelievable too. What a difference a year makes. Last year all I wanted to do was choke him. Now all I want to do is hug him. I have to stand on my tip toes to do it. (Gees will he ever stop growing??) I'm a proud mama!

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