Meet Clara and Miles!

Aren't they precious? I just adore holding them and feeding them and find it hard to put them down when they are sleeping in my arms. These sweet little babies were born on November 9th of last year. Before they were even a month old, on December 7th, their mom Carrie passed away. She was the sister of one of my best friends, Stacey. The family has been dealing with this tragic loss for over a month now. Stacey has taken on so much responsibility in helping to care for these babies so much of the time. I have had the pleasure of getting to know their dad, Tom this past month. He is a wonderful man.

Please take a few minutes to read this article that was in The Idaho Statesman. to find out how you can help the family during this painful and difficult time.

I hope to take lots more pictures of these gorgeous little siblings to share with you (I made sure I got the okay first!) and to scrapbook!
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Anonymous said...

They are precious Lori.
Stacey deserves so many hugs and warmth from us all.
Tell her that she is an outstanding person.
I hope Tom has found work. Boise is a great community to "ralley" around those that need help and care.
Hugs from the land of 1 degrees!

natalie said...

Those pictures are great of the babies! I love them! Maybe I can get copies one day...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful babies! I love Clara's second picture her expression is just so cute!

Can't believe your birthday is right around the corner!!!! AAAGGGHHHH want my gift to arrive soon so we can talk about it forever!!!!!

love you and hope you're having a good one. Thanks again for the New Years LO. Shirryn and I LOVE IT!


Corinna said...

Oh such sweetness.

I still haven't seen them in person. Such cute babies!